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There's a lot of good (and more comprehensive) information out there, but in short, sales KPIs are measurements that tell you how well your sales team is performing. Instead of sifting through endless pages of stats, figures and spreadsheets, you can choose a small set of measurements to review on a regular basis This sales KPI measures the increase or decrease of your sales revenue on a monthly basis. In the SaaS sector, annual sales revenue is, though still important, often too far of a projection for most startups Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are leading indicators or signposts that help sales reps and their leaders gauge how effective their efforts are. Sales KPIs are the metrics by which you will evaluate your team's performance against your sales and organizational goals Whereas a sales KPI tells a story. It's a metric attached to a goal and can be acted on much easier. For example, you might want to track sales by region if you've launched into a new market and want to see how you're performing. On its own, sales by region is a sales metric 28 KPIs Every Sales Manager Should Measure in 2021. Download our free Sales Metrics & KPI Calculator. Sales managers — and particularly field sales managers — can often feel like they are trapped in a fog. Without a regular physical presence in the field, it's difficult to keep tabs on their team and business operations

What Are Sales KPIs? Key Performance Indicators for sales, or sales KPIs, are metrics used to track the performance of an individual, a department, or a business against goals. They help sales managers, leaders, and reps track progress to targets, manage the team and individual performance, and recognize high-level themes and trends Sales KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are a series of agreed-upon, quantitative measures used to assess the performance of a sales organization. KPIs help sales reps, managers and leaders track progress to targets, identify high-level trends and themes, and manage individual and team performance

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  1. KPIs im Vertrieb sind Leistungsindikatoren, welche sowohl von Sales-Teams als auch vom Top-Management verwendet werden, um die Qualität von Vertriebsmaßnahmen zu überwachen. Vertriebskennzahlen helfen u. a. beim Planen und Erreichen von Verkaufszielen
  2. KPI ist die Abkürzung für das englische Key Performance Indicator, was sich auch als Leistungskennzahl übersetzen lässt. Eine KPI ist also eine Kennzahl, die im Kontext eines gewählten Unternehmenszieles dessen Erreichungsgrad anzeigt
  3. The 22 Sales KPIs Every Sales Rep Should Be Tracking. We wanted to find out what real companies are tracking. So, we asked 25+ of them to share their most important sales rep KPI. That included: Percentage of sales pipeline with multiple contacts engaged. Sales qualified leads. Cost per lead
  4. A Sales KPI or metric is a performance measurement that is used by sales teams and by the top management to track the effectiveness of relevant sales activities within a company. These measures help in optimizing your sales performance, sales funnel and sales cycle length
  5. e KPI through the lens of sales throughout this article, it's important to mention that these sales metrics exist in many different industries besides just sales and marketing.. To reiterate what we stated in the intro, KPI is an abbreviation for key.
  6. Advantages of Sales KPIs : Having a pre-defined set of KPI's help sales team to work with a specific plan to achieve the objective. They can strategize at the beginning of the year and keep on working until the targets are achieved. KPIs also help the organization with fair treatment for every employee
  7. Sales KPIs allow you to first identify if there's a problem, and then secondly; try to measure and diagnose what the problem could potentially be to get yourself back on track. Making sales predictions is an important part of any business, because it allows you to plan your other expenses ahead of time

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Sales KPIs: Sales Cost to Sales Volume Ratio The cost of making a sale is often higher than you think when you factor in lead costs, salaries, commissions, fixed building costs and more. Understanding your sales cost to sales volume ratio helps you make informed decisions about whether (and how) to grow your sales team efficiently KPIs are chosen by businesses based on what matters most to the success of the organization. KPIs provide a benchmark with data, thus ensuring that organizations can move forward on the right track. Top 10 KPIs For Sales Manager Now, since we know the benefits of measuring KPIs, let's dive deep into the matter KPIs for sales are leading indicators that help a sales leader, sales manager, and sales team determine how well they're progressing towards their sales goals and organizational goals. A successful sales organization has access to the right sales data. With KPIs, your sales department can: Track their progress over achieving target Average Sale Amount: The average dollar amount of a closed deal, which is obtained by dividing #2 (number of sales) by #1 (gross revenue). This KPI can be refined for specific timeframes—for example, calculate your average daily sales for January by dividing the number of sales for that month by 31

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12 Sales KPI's you must track. The Key Result Areas in Sales need a yardstick to be tracked. This yardstick or benchmark for each KRA is known as KPI (Key Performance Indicator). We can say that KPI is the scale on which KRA achievement of a salesperson is measured. If a Salesperson fails in achieving his KPI, he has failed to achieve the. Sales Productivity KPIs. Distribution of Lead per sales reps (Owner): When a lead is created, it gets assigned to an owner. Its owner is responsible for keeping in contact with this specific lead. Distribution of Opportunities per sales reps (Owner): The same sales reps own opportunities as they did as leads

Sales KPIs. The contribution of your sales that are attributed to each style, class, or department of goods you carry is important to understand. These numbers keep you informed about your inventory investments, as well as tracking how your entire inventory is balanced against your sales results Sales order What is the sales order? A sales order is a document produced by the seller upon obtaining a purchase order from a customer specifying the details about the service or product along with quantity, price buyer details like the billing address, shipping address, terms and conditions and mode of payment. sales@kpi.com support@kpi. KPI #5: Average Sales Cycle Duration - in months. Reducing the timeline to close. The sales cycle is the timeline that begins with the creation of the lead and ends with the purchase or closing of the sale. On average, how much time elapses between the company becomes interested in your SaaS solution, the first contacts, the possible quote. Unique Sales KPIs. 1. Monthly Sales Growth. Sales growth analysis is a key part of any business strategy. It allows you to track future revenue objectives. This unique sales KPI measures the progress of your sales revenue on a monthly basis. Although annual sales revenue is important too, monthly is more precise

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Other Sales KPIs and Metrics 1. Sales Volume by Location. There are multiple item things about your business you should know. An example is where your business does best, in this sense, the location that brings in more sales. Your interest should be on the places not performing well. You might want to know why other places do not perform well Sales key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics that help sales teams measure their effectiveness and efficiency, with the overall goal of improving methodologies and processes to drive sales The best KPIs for sales representatives are: Sales volume is the main indicator of KPI evaluation. It can be the number of units of goods sold during a certain period, the ratio between the actual and target sales volumes, the ratio between the average sales volumes and the number of sales of a given sales representative.. Example KPIs for Sales. Actual calls. Actual sales value versus initial bid. Age of sales forecast. Average administrative time per sales person. Average deal size. Average number of activities (calls, meetings, etc.) to close a deal. Average price discount per product. Average price discount per sales person

KPIs for sales should be used to measure the activities that are most likely to reach sales objectives. Imagine a sales team with the goal of growing sales revenue by 10 per cent compared to the previous year. In this case, sales managers would have to identify the indicators that could point to an increase in sales A complete Sales KPI template aimed at all companies focussed on Sales, Sales reporting and revenue generation tracking. This template helps track performance in areas such as opportunities, prospects and up sales. Sales professionals and managers can benefit from selecting and using these metrics to help monitor and improve sale performance B) Rate. Examples of KPIs that define the rate are as follows: % Sales inquiry conversion rate - this KPI measures the percentage of inquiries from prospects (leads) that are converted into sales. # Sales contacts to sales closed ratio - measures the ratio of sales contacts to sales completed during a defined period of time Four Key Performance Indicators to Track Every Month. 1. Lead Flow. This is the number of new leads that are coming into the sales department each month. Get very specific and track both the total number of leads and also where each one came from. More and more managers are discovering that to increase sales you don't need more salespeople. The Sales KPI Leaderboard. The 'Sales Leader Board Dashboard' is not only a great way to see the status of the teams and individual's sales performance against targets in real-time, but they can also be used to incentivize performance amongst individuals. This dashboard is also commonly shared either on communal monitors or on individual's.

A company's key performance measures will vary depending on the industry and the organization's objectives. For example, a technology company might measure growth by comparing each year's earnings, while a retailer might look at same-store sales. Some KPIs will be more quantitative than others Terminology Example: Let's say someone wants to use KPIs to help them lose weight. Their actual weight is a lagging indicator, as it indicates past success, and the number of calories they eat per day is a leading indicator, as it predicts future success.If the person weighs 250 lbs / 113 kg (a historical trend is called a baseline), and a person they would like to emulate is 185 lbs / 84 kg. For example: Increase sales by 15% within 1 year is not a recommended name. A better approach (my arguments are explained in KPI System) is to define separately: KPI name (Sales) KPI optimization function (in this case increase) KPI target and timeline (current sales + 15%) KPI measure units (% or $


We'll also share 18 meaningful key performance indicators that can be applied to most companies. In This Article. Choosing & Tracking KPIs: A Step-by-step Guide. Day Sales Outstanding (DSO): Take your accounts receivable and divide them by the number of total credit sales. Take that number and multiply it by the number of days in the time. KPIs can be applied to any sales team or salesperson, whether focused on inside sales, outside sales or a combination of both. When choosing which quick and meaningful KPIs align best with your business model or sales needs, ensure your team knows what you're tracking so everyone is working mindfully. For example, if your sales team needs to. Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Track. Here are the 7 Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that every sales leader needs to be tracking to measure their sales teams' effectiveness. 1. Lead to Opportunity Conversion Ration. Ratio of leads that convert to qualified opportunities. Not all leads are qualified Formula: (Average Inventory ÷ Cost of Sales) x 365. What it means: This KPI tells you the time period that it takes for your inventory to convert into sales. When the number is high, it may indicate that your inventory movement is inefficient. However, the optimum days to sell inventory varies depending on the industry you're in Using retail KPIs to reach business objectives. Hopefully, these KPIs can help you kick-start and track growth in your retail business. If you need help generating interest in your products or turning customers into sales, look for more information about KPIs for effective marketing campaigns and effective sales teams

Instead, sales managers need to clearly define specific key performance indicators for sales reps that break the sales process into individual, measurable activities. The real sales KPI meaning is often misunderstood. When creating a new sales KPI list, clearly understanding what KPIs mean—and what they measure—is non-negotiable Using these sales KPIs for sales success Become a leader that knows the best sales KPIs to monitor, how to set progressive goals , and how to effectively motivate your reps. The reward is a sales team who view you as a hero because you consistently help them smash their targets, get excellent feedback and have a positive impact on the business https://www.executestrategy.net/blog/12-examples-of-kpis-for-sales-teams/Sales KPIs are measurable values used by Sales Teams to track and determine their pr..

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Sales key performance indicators are measures that tell you how your business is doing in terms of conversions and revenue. You can look at sales KPIs related to a specific channel, time period, team, employee, etc. to inform business decisions This sales performance dashboard contains several widgets that can help leaders track trends that may occur over time. For example, the three line charts on the left side of the dashboard illustrate the number of deals won and lost, sales revenue, and the number of closed and in-progress deals for each month. This data can help viewers identify.

Essential KPIs and Training Requirements for Pre-sales Team. Best Practices / By Syed Asif Hussain. Pre-sales teams are an invaluable part of any business. They are your brand ambassadors and the first human interaction your prospects have with your company. Managing that initial inquiry or touch point with the client carries a huge responsibility Sales KPIs are about more than just deals closed or profits made. You'll also want to track how valuable your new customers are, and how efficient your sales team is at requiring them. 18% of executives say poor communication leads to lost sales, so be sure you're choosing the right KPIs — the ones that meet the needs of your sales team Sales Invoice. Sales Invoice section is available under Accounts>>Sales Invoice. Sales Invoices can be created from conversion of sales quotes/orders or using the Add button from the Sales Invoice listing. There are two types of invoices: Sales Invoice and Timesheet Based Invoice. The Timesheet Invoice is covered in another wiki article here How Do You Measure the KPI? To calculate your Opex-to-Sales ratio, you'll need to divide your total operating expenses by net sales figures. Note that operating expenses only refers to the standard day-to-day costs of running the business - it doesn't include things like significant capital investments

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Spinify is the world's leading Sales Gamification Software used by both Small Business and Enterprises to motivate and drive sales teams. Companies leveraging Spinify's Sales Leaderboard and Sales Screens, results in significant growth, an increase in sales, KPIs exceeded, high levels of employee motivation, and customer satisfaction The purpose - to provide product sales plan of 500 000 rubles monthly. The key performance indicator - is the sales plan. The system of measurement: there are the actual amount of sales / the planned sales amount. The task - to increase the amount of shipments in the period by 20%. The key indicator - is the average amount of shipment

Sales Order is a second deed, once the Sales Quote is accepted and is an affirmation document mailed to the purchaser before delivering the goods or services. Sales orders help you manage the sales of the products and services your customers order. Using sales orders is optional that you can convert Sales Quote to Sales Invoice directly How to design sales order processing KPIs 1. KPIs should be clearly linked to the strategy, i.e. the things that matter the most. 2. KPIs have to provide the answers to our most important questions. 3. KPIs should be primarily designed to empower employees and provide them with the relevant information to learn The business KPI here is volume of sales as it's the metric they'll use to measure their progress in meeting that objective; What is the right KPI for you? That depends on your business! Remember, KPIs track key business goals and since every business has different core goals and objectives, their KPIs are going to vary Here are 5 key performance indicators (KPIs) you can focus on for optimizing your conversions through pre-sales chat. 1. Number of sales influenced. Live chat is effective in addressing your audience's pain points and increasing engagement, but ultimately it should lead to more sales. Want to segregate the influence of your pre-sales chat system

Post summary: What are KPI's? Define sales KPIs as activities; How to create better sales KPI's; Managing sales has never been more challenging. According to a 2012 survey of Sales Directors by Silent Edge, 49% of sales directors felt that, although deals are closing, it takes a very long time to do so. 22% reported a lost sales pipeline as their biggest challenge Sales administrator kpis 1. Interview questions and answers - free download/ pdf and ppt file sales administrator KPIs In this ppt file, you can ref KPI materials for sales administrator position such as sales administrator list of KPIs, performance appraisal, job skills, KRAs, BS The inventory to sales ratio measures the amount of inventory in your store compared to the number of sales you're fulfilling. The KPI is a broad measure of your store's inventory management and helps you adjust your stock to maintain high margins. Explore Dashboard A eCommerce Sisense Dashboar

The KPI (key performance indicator) summary dashboard gives you a broad overview of the customer service experience at your organization. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to show you topics that are generating the highest volume and emerging topics with the highest rate of change in volume. The KPI summary dashboard includes a. Today I want to walk you through one of the simplest documents we use to track sales KPIs. ⚡Get the document here: http://bit.ly/2hOurblGrab the template her.. Measurable: KPIs should be measured frequently enough to help you stay on track, usually on a daily or weekly basis. Assignable: The goal owner is also responsible for the KPI—that's what makes it a key performance indicator. Relevant: Rather than being relevant to your why, the KPI should be directly connected to the goal

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KPIs for Sales. As you pay attention to quality, leadership, and marketing, the end game is sales. You may feel that sales are an apparent item and that you will have all the information you need. There are underlying items under sales that you need to keep track of, and you could use the following KPI examples to guide you through that KPIs set expectations and improve communication. Defining KPIs clarifies for sales makers the activities upon which they should be spending their time, and provides a context for sales managers to. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives. Sounds good, doesn't it? Especially the part about achieving business objectives. The importance of customer service can hardly be overstated. It operates in the area of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, which are undoubtedly the most. KPI choices for a meter include Actual vs Forecast, Forecast vs Quota / Alt. Sales, and Actual vs Quota. How to set up a KPI meter portlet Before you start, ensure that your KPI meter that you would like to expose is listed in the KPI portlet

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Sales KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) allow businesses or team members to measure the performance of a sales campaign against the overall organizational goals. Further, you can use it to optimize the sales process and ensures that you are prioritizing the right set of tasks for enhanced results Sales KPIs - Sales forecast, Pipeline multiple, Product performance, Sales per rep, Quote to close ratio, Monthly sales growth etc. Marketing KPIs - Marketing ROI, Sales conversion rate, Cost per Lead, Lead-to-customer ratio, Social media traffic etc. Service KPIs - Number of ticket backlog, First response time, Average reply time.

Sales 7 Sales KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) That Every Sales Manager Should Use William Tyree is CMO of RingDNA Conventional wisdom holds that revenue-per-sales-rep is the only metric that ultimately matters in sales management. But sales process optimization is all about identifying key strengths and coalescing your team into an efficient. The Top Sales KPIs to Use for Your Business. As we've already stated, not every KPI will work for your business. You'll need to do a deep dive into your overall objectives to find the very best performance metrics for your company. That being said, here's our list of the seven most important KPIs for any sales business. Sales Growt Sales KPIs are a great way for sales managers in retail businesses to determine how well their sales process is. The great thing about these metrics is that they can be tracked with or without CRM software. That's why we believe these are the ten best sales key performance indicators for retail businesses. About the author

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The critical activities we partner with you to complete are: Understand your current- and desired-state sales KPIs, goals, and performance metrics. Identify and prioritize the specific selling and coaching behaviors that impact your KPIs. Design the right blended approach for your team, using a market-tested curriculum customized to your unique. The right key performance indicators (KPIs) can have a powerful impact on a sales team's success and lead to more resilient customer-engagement strategies, especially for small businesses Reporting Frequency - Different KPIs may have different reporting needs, but a good rule to follow is to report on them at least monthly. Now that we've reviewed the basic anatomy of a KPI, here are 27 examples of common KPI sources we see organizations use to measure the performance of their plans: Examples of Sales KPIs The most straight-forward sample KPI for restaurant managers is sales-based. So let's break down a hypothetical revenue over the course of a month. Let's say a restaurant brings in $100,000 in total revenue over a month. The restaurant has a capacity of 35 over a 3,000 square-foot dining room Sales managers need KPIs in place to measure and monitor: Profitability of the business. Relevance of costing assumptions. Management of overheads, approved budgets and latest forecasts. Conversion of leads and prospects. Accuracy of margins. Transactional processing and reporting accuracy, speed and efficiency. Formulation of new sales plans

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การตั้ง KPI ของฝ่ายขายและการตลาด (Top Sales) ที่หาลูกค้าได้เยอะ แต่ลูกค้าแต่ละบัญชีมีปัญหา ทำให้เกิดค่าใช้จ่ายตามมามากกว่า. KPIs, beyond being simple benchmarks, allow us to better understand how we as a sales organization can improve. In short: what behaviors lead to the best results. And that's why we've curated five essential KPIs for your inside sales organization: measurements that, from our standpoint, can lead any inside sales team to work smarter and.

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Sales Pipeline: Five KPIs Every Business Must Consider When you're forecasting sales and the performance of your sales funnel or sales pipeline , your metrics are key. That's because metrics provide the analytical information you need to ensure your sales team (and sales funnel) are doing all the right things Key customer service metrics and KPIs to improve the bottom line. Identifying and measuring the right customer service KPIs or metrics help businesses to monitor and analyze customer relations by considering their overall journey. Below is a list of important KPIs for customer service evaluation and acquiring actionable feedback KPIs to form a big picture of a sales process : 34.5% 1,859.67 Total cost to gain a new customer : This KPI will help to optimize the whole lead generation and conversion process. 24.5% 377.5 Revenue per sales rep : This KPI together with historic benchmarks will tell how team members are performing. 7.82 Sales KPIs. Crucial sales KPIs for reporting and performance improvement. 15 KPIs View. Call Center focused KPIs. Essential customer service KPIs; measure, monitor and improve your call centre performance. 13 KPIs View. Financial KPIs. A collection of the most common financial KPIs for any organisation..

The following is a list of 16 helpful marketing KPIs you need to be measuringbut probably aren't. 1. Sales Growth. At the end of the day the best way to judge your marketing's success is by measuring its growth in sales revenue. Fair warning—to do this you must have a strong stomach When Jason Marsdale joined Monroe, a commercial calculator company, as a senior sales and marketing manager, he quickly realized what was missing: a clearly defined way to track progress toward sales goals.He defined specific sales key performance indicators (KPIs) and implemented a way to monitor them. As a result, Marsdale was able to dramatically increase sales — anywhere from 10-50% per rep Sales KPIs are a key measure of a company's growth and are used to track performance and the overall effectiveness of various revenue-generating activities within an organization. Many other metrics contribute to these numbers, and while tracking raw sales and other key figures can seem daunting,.

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Below are the 13 top Sales KPIs that business leaders find extremely helpful in improving sales team's performance and driving growth: 1. Total Idle Time in the Field. If there is some truth in time is money then poor time management is going to give sales reps a run for their money It's too easy to take a simplistic approach to setting KPIs. If this sounds like your experience, then the following five steps will guide you in how to set KPIs, performance measures and metrics that are meaningful (email this page to yourself or a friend):Step 1: Get very clear about what a KPI or performance measure truly is, and isn't

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KPI is short for Key Performance Indicator, and it's a term for the metrics that are the most critical to track for a company's performance against its objectives. Hopefully, this sounds familiar to you. If not, then you're in for a treat. The challenge with KPI's is that there are dozens of metrics that can be measured We'll also share 18 meaningful key performance indicators that can be applied to most companies. In This Article. Choosing & Tracking KPIs: A Step-by-step Guide. Day Sales Outstanding (DSO): Take your accounts receivable and divide them by the number of total credit sales. Take that number and multiply it by the number of days in the time. Sales Forecasting 101: Definition, Methods, Examples, KPIs. by Karri Bishop / Dec 04, 2020. 17734 1 Sales forecasting is a crucial business exercise. Accurate sales forecasts allow business leaders to make smarter decisions about things like goal-setting, budgeting, hiring, and other things that affect cash flow. Sales forecasting is an. Here are the other big KPIs and metrics for sales-driven teams that differ from support or service driven teams: 1. Conversion rate. The conversion rate for sales teams measures how many phone calls on average it takes to close a deal or make a sale. This metric is important to help improve the sales methods the team uses to when reaching out. Ecommerce KPIs are key performance indicators that can be used to determine the success of your business. They can be used to monitor your online business' growth, sales, and your customer support targets. You can set KPIs based on your business objectives

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Now create one more sheet and name it as Dash Board - KPI.. Create the heading Individual KPI Dashboard - 2019 in Excel. Now create Employee Name and create a drop-down list in excel of employees. Now create a Month-wise table to show Target, Achieved, Variance, and Average Sale. And also to show Salary and Incentive Paid KPI 1: Online customer retention rate. This B2B online sales KPI lets you pinpoint ways you can improve your B2B customers' buying experience and drive repeat business. Most of our own customers tell us that their B2B e-commerce platform is an alternative to other sales channels, so they want to compare how customers shift between various. Examples of project management KPIs: Planned value, actual cost, earned value, schedule variance, cost per index (CPI), return on investment. Examples of sales KPIs: Monthly sales growth, customer turnover rate, shopping cart abandonment rate, average order value, average purchase value, average conversion time These are all essential metrics for measuring the success of any new home sales program, and are the top KPI's every New Home Sales Manager should understand. Traffic Counts - Number people that visited the new home models/sales offices. Sales Numbers - New home contracts written. Deposits Collected Build a KPI Dashboard in Excel - Sales Templatehttps://exceldashboardschool.com/sales-tracking-templates/Welcome to our Youtube channel!Even if you are not i..

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The sales KPIs template XLS focuses on company sales and revenue generation. Therefore, the sales KPI template excel helps to track the performance of a business sales team. Further, the key focus areas of the sales team are opportunities, prospects and up sales. So, the sales managers take advantage of using sales KPI template excel to monitor. Sales: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Sales is the lifeblood of every business. It doesn't matter if you are selling a software solution or landscaping services, your company relies heavily on its ability to connect with prospects and close deals. From inside sales to outside sales, success doesn't always come easy Sales KPIs. Also see Sales Performance Indicators. Sales Pipeline Coverage (target: On day five of the current quarter, total pipeline coverage should be 2.1X, total pipeline for the following quarter should be 2.2X, and total pipeline for 2 quarters out should be 1.0X

How to measure Sales and Marketing KPIs in CRM that increase productivity. Customer Relationship Management's KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are meant for evaluating the success of specific activities that an organization is engaged in, for the growth of its businesses Wages vs. Sales: Percentage of the service provider's wage (per day) compared to how much they produce in sales. Zenoti's salon, spa, and medical spa software helps manage KPIs Find out how Zenoti - a leading salon, spa, and medical spa software - helps our customers boost salon, spa, and medical spa marketing KPIs like customer retention. KPI: Sales conversions rate. The success rate of your team to convert leads into customers (e.g. Target: 7%). KPI: Product performance. The sales for individual products ranked to identify the products that are selling well (and those you might want to discontinue) (e.g. Target: if a product brings less than $200 per month for 6 months. A goal isn't a KPI. Although the terms are sometimes (incorrectly) used interchangeably, a KPI is not the same thing as a goal or objective. The goal is the outcome or result that you want to achieve So, like most KPIs, it's helpful to have a substantial history for purposes of comparison. 3. Year-Over-Year Sales. Speaking of keeping a history of sales on hand, year-over-year analytics is one of the more basic, but essential retail KPIs. Unfortunately, too many small businesses use this KPI alone KPIs provide metrics that determine if departments are hitting the necessary benchmarks to maintain profitable operations. Relevant KPIs can include potential sales leads, average sales in a cycle period, and conversion rates. These metrics measure how well the sales processes are performing, allowing teams to make improvements if necessary