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Frontex. Greece. Vessels from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex, have been complicit in maritime pushback operations to drive away refugees and migrants attempting to enter the European Union via Greek waters, a joint investigation by Bellingcat, Lighthouse. Greece Bellingcat is a Netherlands-based investigative journalism website that specialises in fact-checking and open-source intelligence. It was founded by British journalist and former blogger Eliot Higgins in July 2014. Bellingcat publishes the findings of both professional and citizen journalist investigations into war zones, human rights abuses, and the criminal underworld. The site's contributors also publish guides to their techniques, as well as case studies. Bellingcat began as an investigatio

Bellingcat is a supposedly amateur run, supposedly independent, source of image analyses on controversial images. Its operator, Eliot Higgins has been praised by The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian. He was the subject of a BBC piece on 27 September 2018 BELLINGCAT - TRUTH IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD explores the promise of open source investigation, taking viewers inside the exclusive world of the citizen investigative journalist collective known as Bellingcat. In cases ranging from the MH17 disaster to the poisoning of a Russian spy in the United Kingdom, the Bellingcat team's quest for truth will shed light on the fight for journalistic. The Atlantic Council's board of directors is a who's who of state power, from war planners like Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell to retired generals such as James Mad Dog. No evidence of direct involvement of individual members of this unit at the shooting of the MH17 follows from the report of Bellingcat. Fred Westerbeke You wouldn't have guessed that from reading Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Vladimir Kara-Murza Tailed by Members of FSB Squad Prior to Suspected Poisonings - bellingcat. Open source data reveals that Vladimir Kara-Murza, was followed by a specialist FSB team prior to his suspected poisonings in 2015 and 2017 Founded in 2014 by British journalist and former blogger Eliot Higgins, Bellingcat publishes the findings of both professional and citizen journalist investigations into war zones, human rights abuses, and the criminal underworld Bellingcat Investigation Team member Andrew Haggard recently spoke at the Personal Democracy Forum 2016 about Bellingcat's work on MH17..

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Now Toler and the nine other full-time members of Bellingcat's small, international staff are increasingly being drawn into some of the biggest news stories in the world The Bellingcat Tech team develops tools for open source investigations and explores tech-focused research techniques. - Bellingcat Moreover, telephone records analyzed by Bellingcat show that several members of Unit 29155 communicated actively with Russian military officers deployed to the Donbas, as well as with.

Bellingcat, the NATO member state-funded website that has participated in a propaganda effort to accuse Syria of a chemical weapons attack in April 2018 and justify the US-led bombing that followed, has published a new falsehood-ridden attack on an OPCW whistleblower whose suppressed findings exposed the pro-war deception Eliot Higgins (left) and Christo Grozev, of Bellingcat, which published the results of an investigation into the poisoning of the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny

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During the time Miškin and I moved to Moravia near the Vrbětice warehouse and lived in the Corrado Hotel in Ostrava, a member of Ezhov rented a car in Austria, according to Bellingcat and Respekt.The hypothesis was that Ezhov picked up Averjanov in his borrowed car in Vienna and The pair set out for Ostrava, where they meet with Čepiga and Miškin to help prepare for the whole event An alarming number of Bellingcat's staff and contributors come from highly suspect backgrounds. Senior Investigator Nick Waters, for example, spent three years as an officer in the British Army, including a tour in Afghanistan, where he furthered the British state's objectives in the region. Shortly after leaving the service, he was hired by Bellingcat to provide supposedly bias-fre

Suggestions that Bellingcat is a tool of Western governments, and funded by them directly, have long-abounded - and consistently been denied by founder and chief Eliot Higgins.. Such allegations reached fever pitch in late 2018, when files related to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) military intelligence operation Integrity Initiative were leaked by hacktivist collective Anonymous bellingcat.com. 26. 1,325. 176. 2,339. Bellingcat. @bellingcat. Jan 27. The first of the victims is Timur Kuashev, a 26-year-old journalist from Nalchik, in the North Caucasus. Kuashev blogged about local politics on Livejournal and was frequently faced with death threats for his work. In particular, he covered a high-profile criminal case from. Bertram Hill, an open source sleuth with BBC Africa Eye, says the rapid scraping and archiving model used by Bellingcat on the riot — with every team member assigned to a different platform — had already proved effective in investigating violent public events in Africa.Hill has developed a dashboard of 200 open source and forensic tools for African investigative reporters, in particular. In Hans Pool's docufilm Bellingcat, the challenge lays in having to narrate a sequence of events that take place mainly inside the homes build_members: Reconcile and Merge Members build_messages: Reconcile and Merge Messages extract_html_tags: Parse and Extract HTML Elements im_geocode_members: Build a Members Data Frame with Geocoded IP Addresses im_message_network: Build Message Network iron-march-entities: Related Groups and People iron-march-events: Events related (or of likely interest), to _ironmarch.org_..

Bellingcat was created to put pressure on certain countries, entities and individuals, and is filled with 'former' members of Western intelligence services, Sergei Naryshkin, director of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), has said. Commenting on the scandals involving Proekt and The Insider, the pair of self-styled independent. Book under review Article author: James Snell. James Snell. We are Bellingcat, by Eliot Higgins, describes the past decade in open-source intelligence.It charts the creation of Bellingcat, an intelligence agency for the people, which compiles open-source evidence to analyze war and government malfeasance, notably as perpetrated in Arab countries after the revolutions in 2011 and by the. Our staff members have, once again, been subjected to death threats because of their investigation on the far-right with @bcatmonitoring. In August, we wrote about the Ukrainian @Telegram channel that was translating and selling book copies of the Christchurch shooter's manifesto. After we published this article, our staff received direct death threat Bellingcat is a key member of this new open-source intelligence ecosystem. Formally founded in 2014, Bellingcat eludes easy definition. It conducts activities traditionally performed by a wide variety of players, including journalists, activists, hobbyists, and law enforcement agencies

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  1. Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World follows the rise of the investigative journalism collective known as Bellingcat, founded in 2014 by the British journalist and former blogger Eliot Higgins
  2. Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit THE BELLINGCAT TOOLKIT HAS MOVED TO bit.ly/bcattools Welcome to Bellingcat's freely available online open source investigation toolkit. You can follow our work on via our website, Twitter and Facebook. (We also provide three to five day open source i..
  3. As Bellingcat has grown from a Kickstarted organisation of volunteers to a foundation in the Netherlands with 20 staff members, that ethos, allowing investigators to dig into whatever subject they find most interesting, is still at the heart of how we operate
  4. Bellingcat suspects they switched to different phones for additional security while the operation to poison Mr. Navalny was underway. But one of the operatives, Dr. Alexandrov, made an operational.
  5. Bellingcat / Getty Images / WIRED. On September 13, 2018, I joined my Bellingcat colleagues on Slack to watch an interview that would kickstart one of our most extraordinary and bizarre.
  6. Bellingcat: The website behind the Skripal revelation. The apparent unmasking of a Russian man accused of the Salisbury poisoning has made headlines around the world, but for many the source of.

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He worked at Bellingcat from 2015 to 2019, first as a volunteer then as one of its first paid members. It has people using their free time to work on topics that they really care about, he says In our age of uncertain truths, Bellingcat is what the world needs right now - an intelligence agency by the people, for the people. Eliot Higgins is the founder of Bellingcat and the Brown Moses Blog. Eliot focuses on the weapons used in the conflict in Syria, and open source investigation tools and techniques Then there's Bellingcat, the organisation founded by one Eliot Higgins: Media Studies drop-out and author of - I feel a professional slight here, having taught digital arts at Sheffield University - digitally altered images that serve NATO objectives in an ongoing Russia demonisation which endangers us all Indeed, Bellingcat was listed in leaked 2018 documents as a key member of Zinc's Network of NGOs. Among the members in the network was the Institute for Statecraft, the front for the Integrity Initiative Before founding Bellingcat, Higgins carved a new path in investigative journalism when he published his research into the Syrian Civil War, using hundreds of video clips from the internet to identify the weapons being used.Since its establishment in 2014, Bellingcat has exposed the truth and secrets behind some of the world's biggest news stories, including the Salisbury novichok.

Kremlin Watch is a strategic program of the European Values Think-Tank which aims to expose and confront instruments of Russian influence and disinformation operations focused against Western democracies. We are the only nongovernmental centre in the Czech Republic that systematically deals with these issues However, it's rarer to draft in unpaid members of the public as contributors. Bellingcat's diverse funding also gives it credibility and helps protect it from charges of bias, even when the.

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  1. Bellingcat - Truth in a Post-Truth World. 1,701 likes · 7 talking about this. The groundbreaking film BELLINGCAT - TRUTH IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD will be at..
  2. Bellingcat was started in 2014 by Eliot Higgins, moved to crack down on the leaks that have driven the data black market. Legislation to bolster privacy protections for members of the FSB.
  3. What's the effort behind #StopChildAbuse #TraceAnObject? @Bellingcat members have devoted more than 2,500 volunteer hours to the campaign
  4. Western media outlets have failed to disclose that Bellingcat is funded by NATO member states, including the US via the National Endowment for Democracy, and that Bellingcat has a dubious record. In a leaked assessment, the UK government's Integrity Initiative wrote: Bellingcat was somewhat discredited, both by spreading disinformation.
  5. In 2014, he founded Bellingcat, an open-source news outlet that has grown to include roughly a dozen staff members, with an office in The Hague. Mr. Higgins attributed his skill not to any special.

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Bellingcat is a British self-declared media investigative team set up by Eliot Higgins in 2014. It is lauded with awards in the Western media as an independent crusading campaign for truth. It was the source that provided the claims that the Kremlin was provoking Catalonia's pro-independence movement Investigative site Bellingcat is the toast of the popular press. In the past month alone, it has been described as an intelligence agency for the people (ABC Australia), a transparent and innovative independent news collective, transforming investigative journalism (), and an unequivocal force for good (South China Morning Post) Investigators of the international organization Bellingcat have identified three war criminals who are now Russian citizens; they are reportedly involved in torture in the Izoliatsia (Isolation), a Donetsk-based prison run by illegal armed formations in the Russia-occupied part of Ukraine's Donetsk region. All the three men tortured and beat prisoners Serbia has expelled Robert Rundo, the American neo-Nazi and founder of the notorious right-wing extremist Rise Above Movement, the Serbian daily Blic reported on February 11. According to unofficial information published in the Blic article, Serbian police escorted Rundo to the Trbušnica-Šepak border pass, which connects Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the evening of February 10 Sources close to Ian Henderson, the veteran OPCW chemical weapons inspector - who is a qualified chemical engineer, has (very unusually) been rehired by the OPCW because of his experience, and is also a former artilleryman with considerable ballistics experience - have asked me to publish this rebuttal of attacks made by the organisation 'Bellingcat' on Mr Henderson

The operation also involved at least two GRU officers who traveled under diplomatic cover to Budapest, a roughly five hour drive from the munitions depot, shortly before the explosions Bellingcat writer Dan Kaszeta is an associate fellow at the organization. Bellingcat, RUSI and King's College often cite each other in papers and reports, providing something of a united front. All individuals are members of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB). Christo Grozev, who contributed to Bellingcat's investigation, explains how the network obtained suspects' personal data and.

With reports of fresh hacking attempts against candidates in the US last year, it's worth pointing out Bellingcat team members (and likely other people targeted in 2015 and 2016) were sent multiple phishing emails in late 2017 by Fancy Bear aka the GRU Bellingcat Member Likely Behind Toronto-Based Venezuelan Pro-Opposition News Outlet The open-intelligence investigation network, Bellingcat, is infamous for its biased reporting and forwarding the mainstream media narrative. Its connections to the Institute of Statecraft and its pet project the Integrity Initiative are also no secret Europol is currently in possession of more than 40 million images of child sexual abuse from around the world. In June 2017, it launched a crowdsourcing campaign called Stop Child Abuse—Trace An Object.Censored extracts from explicit images are regularly published on their website and members of the public are asked to help in tracing their location or country of origin Bellingcat says the unmasking of Bonanza Media is important because the defence team of Oleg Pulatov - the only legally represented suspect in the ongoing criminal trial - has already introduced evidence provided by Bonanza Media, and has requested witness testimony by a key member of the project Members of the unit communicated with each other throughout the trip, it said. Bellingcat claimed a senior military scientist, Col Stanislav Makshakov, supervised the secret programme

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Bellingcat is the kind of movie that should be depressing — the film is organized around an in-depth discussion of recent civil wars, terrorist attacks and government conspiracies that the. In a new investigation, Bellingcat found what it calls a cluster of airline and rail trips by members of Russia's secret service force known as the FSB that coincided with the poet's. There's a lot of advice out there on how to grab people's attention, but there's one aspect of marketing that Robert Katai thinks isn't talked about as often: maintaining their attention. The solution, he says, is a combination of content strategy and positioning. Based in Romania, Katai is known for his podcasts and speeches covering [

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  1. To find out, Bellingcat obtained high resolution satellite imagery of the Semara Airfield from @planet and @maxar. This gave a clearer ID on the shape, size and wingspan of what were indeed drones. We could now compare them with similar Chinese, Turkish and Iranian drone types
  2. Latest on Afghanistan after explosions near Kabul airport. By CBS News. President Biden is addressing the nation Thursday after the Pentagon confirmed 12 U.S. service members were killed and 15 others were injured in a complex attack outside Kabul's airport. We're delivering breaking news updates and live coverage
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  2. Bellingcat - Tuesday, October 22, 2019. Mrs Robinson . Wishes you a wonderful da
  3. Bellingcat team members Annique Mossou & @Johanna_Wild have come out with a guide on how to do research on the hugely popular platform — both within the parameters of the TikTok app and from outside
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  1. g ludicrous. The photo they published today is a very obvious fake. Many people have noticed that the photo of Chepiga on this wall appears to be hanging in completely different lighting conditions from the others. That is indeed a good point. But there is a [
  2. Bellingcat is an online collective that pioneered a new form of investigative journalism based entirely on open sources. Their investigators (a small paid staff assisted by scores of volunteers) use open-source information to solve mysteries, expose crimes, refute disinformation, and battle the counterfactual forces warping society
  3. The Bellingcat team obtained personal information on FSB members, including phone records, travel documents and vehicle registrations. Bellingcat also identified five other people who.
  4. The investigative group Bellingcat has uncovered new details about Russia's development of the Novichok nerve agent, which was used against the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal in England in.
  5. In November 2013, The New Yorker's Patrick Radden Keefe called Eliot Higgins, an unemployed man from Leicester, England, perhaps the foremost expert on the munitions used in the war in Syria. As leading authorities go, Higgins, who used to blog under the pseudonym Brown Moses, is an unlikely one. He has never been to Syria or any other war zone
  6. Bellingcat (стилизовано как bell¿ngcat) — интернет-издание, основанное 14 июля 2014 года британским гражданским журналистом и блогером Элиотом Хиггинсом и занимающееся журналистскими расследованиями о зонах военных действий.
  7. This new investigative series by OCCRP, Kloop, RFE/RL's Radio Azattyk, and Bellingcat shows how. From living an extravagant lifestyle on modest declared salaries, to secretly taking control of private customs facilities and trade routes, to pouring wealth into a crucial election campaign, the Matraimovs embody many of the brave poet's.

From Syria to Russia, online investigations at Bellingcat have trailblazed a new kind of journalism. Danyl Mclauchlan speaks to Eliot Higgins, the site founder and author of We Are Bellingcat: An. Bellingcat is a collective of internet researchers who have built a reputation for conducting extensive, in-depth investigations into situations ranging from government misdeeds ranging from Russia's downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight #17 in 2014 killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew members to Russia's poisoning of a double-agent and his. South Front/Mint Press News --THE Twitter feed of the pro-opposition blog In Venezuela, appears to be run from Toronto, Canada, and an in-the-field news source run by Bellingcat member, Giancarlo Fiorella. The open-intelligence investigation network, Bellingcat, is infamous for its biased reporting and forwarding the mainstream media narrative Bellingcat is an investigative journalism website that specializes in fact-checking and open-source intelligence. It was founded by the British journalist and former blogger Eliot Higgins in July 2014. Bellingcat publishes the findings of both professional and citizen journalist investigations into war zones, human rights abuses, and the criminal underworld. The sites contributors also publish. Not for the first time, an open-source investigation published by Bellingcat revealed the identities of Russian intelligence operatives, with a report published on Monday naming several members of.

Bellingcat and its Russian partner, the Insider, have in recent years crossed what has long been held to be a red line for journalists: paying for databases on Russia's thriving black market of. Through telephone billing records and telecom metadata, Bellingcat also established that in the months before his trip to Germany, Krasikov communicated with more than a dozen former members of Russia's security services (FSB) from the Spetsnaz (special operations) unit known as Vympel The most active and resourceful member of the original Storyful collective was the Leicester-based citizen journalist Eliot Higgins, who developed creative new methods to crack intractable cases, which he used in 2014 to found Bellingcat, an international collective of researchers, investigators, and citizen journalists that conducts.

Vladimir Kara-Murza in 2017 (Aaron P. Bernstein / R) World News: According to an investigative report released by investigative journalism agency Bellingcat, members of the poison squad from Russia's Federal Security Service systematically tailed Russian politician and opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza before two poisoning incidents (2015 and 2017) that left him in a prolonged. Bellingcat and The Insider found that Burlaka could be the person behind the name Vladimir Ivanovich, whose phone conversations with Ukrainian separatist commanders were intercepted and are part of the investigation into the plane's downing. All 283 passengers and 15 crew members were killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 - MH17. 942 members in the bellingcat community. Content related to bellingcat.co Posted by. u/pvoberstein. 15 days ago. The Russian Sleuth Who Outs Moscow's Elite Hackers and Assassins [This morning the home of Bellingcat partner Roman Dobrokhotov was raided by Russian police, along with the home of his parents. Roman heads @the_ins_ru, which has partnered with Bellingcat on numerous investigations over the years.

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Deploying tools like Google Earth, social media and even VR simulations to complete their small- and large-scale investigations, the members of Bellingcat probe everything from whether a video of. Eliot Higgins is raising funds for Bellingcat, for and by citizen investigative journalists on Kickstarter! bellingcat.com will unite citizen investigative journalists to use open source information to report on issues that are being ignored At the same time, the Russian government, which has derided Bellingcat's open-source investigations in the past, now issues satellite images of bombings in Syria, inviting members of the public. The so-called poison squad members shadowed Navalny since at least January 16, 2017, Bellingcat said, just a month after he announced his plans to run in a 2018 presidential election Bellingcat was created to put pressure on certain countries, entities and individuals, and is filled with 'former' members of Western intelligence services, Sergei Naryshkin, director of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), has said

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We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More informatio A reported Coalition, or possibly Russian, airstrike which hit a Syrian Red Crescent hospital in Idlib injured up to a dozen civilians. The Coalition later denied involvement, though a unilateral US action remained possible. The intended target of the dawn strike appeared to be the militant gropup Fatah al Sham at a base at the [

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Members ↓ Tech Topics ↓ Bellingcat identified the location of the convoy by comparing images posted online to satellite imagery. Matching multiple objects in the images, Bellingcat's team determined the precise location for each image. The team used shadows in the images to determine the approximate time of day for the photo or video We Are Bellingcat: Global Crime, Online Sleuths, and the Bold Future of News, by Eliot Higgins, tells the story of the online collective of activist-investigators he founded in 2014.The group has. The Twitter account of the pro-opposition blog In Venezuela, appears to be run from Toronto, Canada and the field news source is run by a Bellingcat member, Giancarlo Fiorella. The open-intelligence investigation network Bellingcat is infamous for its biased reporting and forwarding the mainstream media narrative. Its connections to the Institute of Statecraft and its pet project. Russia's FSB intelligence agency has been accused of poisoning opposition activist Alexei Navalny. While the allegation may prove to be true, Western media coverage has overlooked the key role of the CIA, MI6, and the state-funded outlet Bellingcat in generating it. Western media outlets have failed to disclose that Bellingcat is funded by NATO member states, including the US via the.

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Awesome list of digital forensic tools. Contribute to ivbeg/awesome-forensicstools development by creating an account on GitHub 14-15 June, the members of the FSWG conducted a virtual mission to the Agency's headquarters in Warsaw.6 1 European Court of Auditors, Special Report 08/2021, Frontex's support to external border management: not sufficiently effective to date. 2 European Ombudsman, Case OI/5/2020/MHZ Russian officials and state media have so far been silent about an investigative report published on December 14 by Bellingcat and several media outlets accusing FSB agents of poisoning opposition. Bellingcat specializes in open-source data gathering, and much of the personal information identifying the Russian intelligence operatives was purchased via bots on the popular messaging app Telegram. In fact, we've received tip-offs from members of law enforcement, telling us to expect more and more censorship, including the closure of.

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Bellingcat was started with crowdfunding via Kickstarter. In 2017 it had to do another crowdfunding event to raise money. It has received money from other sources such as the Open Society Foundation and the National Endowment for Democracy, but these funds are used for their programs to assist journalists and researchers, not produce content Bellingcat (stylised as bell ¿ ngcat) is an investigative journalism website that specialises in fact-checking and open-source intelligence (OSINT). It was founded by British journalist and former blogger Eliot Higgins in July 2014. Bellingcat publishes the findings of both professional and citizen journalist investigations into war zones, human rights abuses, and the criminal underworld

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Bellingcat, FSB, The Insider, hackers, intelligence agencies and big money Let's move on to the most interesting part of our investigation. As many may recall, in early 2017, there was a loud scandal in the FSB: the head of the 2nd department of the Central Information Security Department of the FSB Sergey Mikhailov and his deputy Dmitry. Many saw the then President Obama and members of Congress as having failed to deliver on their promises of a better nation and Clinton - maligned as 'Crooked Hillary' by Trump, bore the brunt of that deep-rooted anger. Bellingcat adds that, by that time, Babbitt was describing herself on her Twitter page as a hardcore liberatarian, and. A Russian agent sent to tail Alexey Navalny has revealed how a lethal toxin was secreted in the underpants of the opposition leader. He thought it was an official debriefing, but he was talking to. Benedict responded by assuring the Bellingcat founder that the tweet was deleted a few hours ago. The coordinated attempt at canceling or undermining an event on corporate wrongdoing and the environment was just the latest instance of a tight-knit motley crew of Syria regime-change operatives sabotaging left-wing or social justice organizing Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's.